Our mission at Little Bit of Heaven is to provide a nurturing Christian environment with a traditional hands-on approach in the foundational years of learning. We believe that children learn through play so we strive to teach all skills in a hands-on environment through center based learning.  Teaching in this active and relational manner best develops and nurtures the whole child.

This whole child approach allows us to get to know each child individually and help them to unlock their potential by addressing all aspects of learning (social, linguistic, artistic, etc.)

In order to provide a hands-on approach to learning we use the Pinnacle Christian Preschool Curriculum as well as the Frog Street Press Curriculum. We have found them each to be not only highly educational but also exciting and fun for the children. We feel confident that your child will greatly benefit from these educational tools.

We strive to meet these objectives during the day in our classrooms:

*  To develop gross motor skills through
               - imitating large motor movements

*  To develop fine motor skills through
               - writing and drawing
               - manipulative play

*  To develop language skills through 
               - exposure to stories and literature and print
               - providing drawing and writing experiences

*  To develop socio-emotional skills through
               - exploration of feelings and understanding of thankfulness.
               - small group interaction
               - consistent routines and responsibilities
               - building self-concept

*  To develop thinking and problem-solving skills through
               - sorting and classifying
               - grouping and characteristics
               - imitating patterns.

Bible curriculum is based on The Holy Bible (International Children's Bible). We teach well known Bible stories in chronological order to show the children how the whole Bible fits together. This is significant in understanding God's love for them.

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