“I cannot speak highly enough of Sam's teachers! They are so kind, so conscientious and so loving. The fact that Sam's face lights up with smiles whenever she sees them is the greatest endorsement we could ever ask for. I will continue to refer friends to LBOH for their childcare needs!”
Bobbie F. 
Sam's Mom

​  "Our family has been a part of LBOH for the past six years. Our daughter started when she was six months old. She is now six years old and completing kindergarten. When she finished the PreK class at Little Bit of Heaven she was more than prepared for kindergarten, both academically and socially. We also have a four year old son and one year old son who have been at Little Bit of Heaven since they were infants. As important to us as the learning has been, the amount of love and care we know they receive while they are there is as equally important. From the owners to the director to the teachers, they really get to know our children as individuals. We have seen how they are cared for in the unique ways that each child needs, considering their varied personalities. With a Christian centered atmosphere, through chapel and other activities they participate in, we have been given opportunities to discuss with our children many biblical stories and lessons. We have witnessed a love for the Lord grow in their hearts thanks to contributions from Little Bit of Heaven. We feel 'at home' and like we are 'with family' when we are there."
Ron & Erica R.
Asher & Ethan's Mom and Dad

  "We feel that our children have been very blessed to have spent the last five years at LBH. The staff at LBH has provided a very caring and safe environment for our daughters. It is truly amazing watching our kids grow and mature while at LBH. Every day we pick them up from LBH we can see their confidence growing within themselves. The staff at LBH has tremendously helped us in raising our children. Their influence has been very positive that we typically get complements from other people about how our girls are so smart and so well behaved. One of our daughters is finishing up Kindergarten and she did very well in school-we know LBH deserves a lot of the credit for getting her prepared. LBH not only helped our children learn the foundation to be successful in school but they helped them learn the teachings of God-to be caring and loving. 
  We thank everyone again at LBH for the memories and taking care of our children."
Conrad and Rachel M.
Isabella & Sophia's Mom and Dad

  "LBOH is provided a Christian environment that has nurtured both of my daughter's love for Jesus. Each of my girls passion for the Lord was largely ignited by the Bible stories and songs they were taught at school. As their mother, it is so pleasing to know they have a heart for Jesus. My 5 year old daughter, who is now in kindergarten, told me last night that her favorite book to read by herself is the Bible. What a wonderful blessing that is to our family.
  We have been at LBOH for 5 1/2 years now, and through the years several concerns popped up that I felt needed to be discussed with the staff. Each concern was dealt with promptly and in a way that always made me feel as though my voice was heard. I walked away feeling comfortable and settled after each discussion.
  My daughters have been loved and well cared for during our time at LBH. They have also been taught a curriculum that has challenged them and increased their knowledge base. My daughter in kindergarten is now reading on a 3rd grade level. No doubt that the books she was read and the activities & curriculum they were taught provided basic skill sets that helped her excel in kindergarten.
  We have been blessed to have teachers that have shown our girls an immense amount of love. It is our hope that many of those teachers will continue to be a part of our lives for many years to come!"
Jo Beth and Mark B.
Emma & Audrey's Mom and Dad

  "Little Bit of Heaven is a wonderful school full of teachers and staff that care about my child and his development. I would absolutely recommend them to care for my friends children."
Rich W.
​Asher's Dad

  "I have many stories to share which show that Little Bit of Heaven is a stellar daycare program, but the following two are my absolute favorite: 1. Instead of running to mommy crying at the end of the day, Aiden let go of mommy’s hand to chase Ms. Eugenia to her car crying then wouldn’t let her go!! 2. Daddy was testing for the Nashville Fire Dept. I sat on the bed and began to pray out loud. I looked over at my 14 month old boy who, with the biggest grin on his face, also had his little hands in prayer, and I had not taught him to do this yet! Little Bit of Heaven is not just another daycare provider, it’s a family. They truly are a staff of Angels! I have never felt more comfortable with anyone watching my child as I do with LBH. As long as we are in Nashville, this is where Aiden will be!"
Christina H.
Aiden's Mom

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